Welcome to the home of "Rancho Madera". We are a small ranch located in Norco on two and a half acres. We are a family owned ranch and we've been here for 10 years now. I truly feel that the Andalusian horses are a symbol of beauty and grace! They take my breath away everytime I look at them. That is why we got started with breeding these fine Andalusians horses.

We were extremely lucky to have come across our stallion CHAGO. We may have had to go to Texas to pick him up, but it was definately worth it! "CHAGO" is our 13 year old pure spanish andalusian stallion. He's registered in both the IALHA and the Cria Caballar. He is an own son of Teodoro. We are proud to have him as our leading stallion. He's super quiet and very gentle with the mares! He's so quiet that we stall him next to the mares and we ride him around the streets without any problems! This guy is a definately keeper!

We usually have several broodmares, foals, and riding horses for sale. We have purebred andalusian foals, 3/4ths andalusian foals, and azteca foals for sale. Please check out our other pages and see what we have available......  OR you can just come out and visit and see for yourselves.